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Bet on the UK National Lottery at Ladbrokes Lottos

First a new look, now some new games! Ladbrokes Lottos is proud to introduce UK Lotto 6-ball and 7-ball draws.

Betting on the outcome of the UK National Lottery at Ladbrokes Lottos could win you more than actually playing it! Pick and match 3 balls in our UK 6-ball Lotto draw and win £675*!

Ladbrokes Lottos offers two new games, “UK Lotto 6-ball” and “UK Lotto 7-ball”. Both are primarily based on the outcome of the main draw (which takes place every Wednesday and Saturday), with our 7-ball game including the bonus ball drawn as a number against which you can match your selections and win!

Ladbrokes UK Lotto offers £675* when you pick and match 3 numbers on our brand new UK Lotto 6-ball games (£375* on the UK Lotto 7-ball games). What’s more, you can still place your bets after the shops stop selling lottery tickets – you can bet up to 15 minutes before the UK National Lottery draw starts (just in case you get a last minute revelation from your crystal ball!).

UK Lotto games are fixed-odds lotto games based on the numbers drawn in the UK National Lottery draw. The UK National Lottery consists of 6 main numbers drawn from 49 balls, plus 1 bonus ball from the same pool.

UK Lotto games are only available at Ladbrokes Lottos online, so you won’t find it in our shops or via our telebetting service! Find out how to play lottos now and don’t forget to check your numbers!

*based on £1 stake when you pick and match 3 numbers.


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